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Astrology is a science of studying the mood of planets. Human beings adopt a specific & defined behavior on the basis of nature, character & temperament of the planets. A good astrologer can give an accurate prediction of human life on the basis of positioning & behavior of planets in birth chart of the horoscope. All the planets revolve around the sun with a specific duration of rotations & movement and they often come in conjunction with friendly or non-friendly planets.

When a planet meets his or her friendly planet, their behavior is good, harmonious, benefit & prosperous in various ways depending on their nature & the environment that they share at that particular moment. Similarly, when a planet meets its enemy planet, they would react against each other or the weaker one might get suppressed depending on the circumstances resulting in unfavorable. In simple terms, this means that the effect on the native depends on the nature of the planet, its strength & its conjunction with other planets.

There are 12 houses owned by the nine planets in a birth chart. All houses have a caretaker known as “Rashi” & depending on the position of “Rashi” we can recognize which house belongs to a particular planet. All natives are born at a particular time, under a particular planetary position, determining every aspect of their nature, temperament, luck, career, marriage & future. The benefit or malefic effect of the planet depends on its position & strength at the time of birth. If the planets are weak, their effect is slow or less & vice versa, irrespective of benefit or malefic planet. On the basis of being negative, astrologers provide remedial measures to those planets in form of Gemstones & Rudraksha beads. The science of Astrology is deeper than the ocean & as one goes deeper he shall keep learning the unexpected.

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