Importance of Gemstones in Life

How do precious gemstones affect your health, wealth and fortune?

Gemstones are the tiny shinning stones capable enough to enthrall the senses of both women as well as men. They are known to seal the bond of love, assure guarantee during the tough time, help in overcoming from financial problems, and many more. More than just an uber luxury, gemstones offer an assured safety and security against several problems ranging from health, wealth and fortune.

In the Indian Vedic tradition, gemstones play a significant role in one’s well being and success. Basically, many aspects of life like wellness, love, success, and happiness are attributed to the proper balance of energy within the human body system. This is contingent on how the 9 planets or the Navagrahas are positioned at the time of the birth of an individual, thus creating a unique map of possibilities with opportunities and limitations. Moreover, in Ayurveda, these gemstones are considered very special because of their common use to treat certain chronic diseases.

A Gemstone is Rare and Precious, Cosmic and Powerful.

The Vedic Indian tradition is strongly supported by the planetary gemology, which is the core branch of study dealing with the effects of gemstones on human life. There are basically nine major planetary gems that are used to harness the energies of the nine planets. They are given below:

  • Ruby – Sun
  • Natural Pearl – Moon
  • Natural Pearl – Moon
  • Yellow Sapphire – Jupiter
  • Red Coral – Mars
  • Emerald – Mercury
  • Diamonds/ Colorless White Sapphire – Venus
  • Blue Sapphire – Saturn
  • Hessonite Garnet – Rahu (North Node of the Moon)
  • Cat's eye – Ketu (South Node of the Moon)

Each of the planetary energy, when in a balanced form, offers the individual better health, wealth and fortune depending upon its nature or power.

To understand what stone works best for what; let’s discuss these precious gemstones and their key benefits in brief:

  • Sun – Self-confidence, sense of power, and soul purpose
  • Moon – calmness, emotional stability, and peacefulness
  • Jupiter – wisdom, religiosity, spirituality, and progeny
  • Mars – courage, vitality, stamina, and strength
  • Mercury – intellect, the presence of mind, and the ability of persuasion
  • Venus – beauty, luxury, aesthetics, and wealth
  • Saturn - time management, discipline, tenacity, and truth
  • Rahu - material desire, exotic, unconventional choices and travel
  • Ketu - spiritual search, sudden and happening events
Note that as it is not possible to list all the benefits and effects of gemstones over here, the above-given effects are the broader themes among many, which a planetary energy controls. To know more about each gemstone and their effect on life, please contact us.

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